Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Queering the Somatic PROGRAMME

Programme for the 2019 Queering the Somatic: Interrupting the Narrative symposium just published...

Queering the Somatic: Interrupting the Narrative Symposium
Middlesex University London
Nov 1st – 2nd 2019


12.00- 1.00pm – Arrival and Registration – Grove Atrium

1.00-2.00pm – Welcome (Adesola Akinleye and Helen Kindred)
Keynote Presentation – Dr Thomas F. DeFrantz, Duke University USA – Grove Dance Theatre (G190)

2.00-3.00pm – Workshop A – Carolina Vasilikou – Grove Dance Theatre (G190)
                          Hybrid Practices of Somatics Design for Able Spaces.
Workshop B – Elaine Westwick – Practice Room (G179)
Both are part of me and both are good: Using body sense to disrupt the dichotomy of subject and object.
*please sign up for the workshop of your choice at registration on arrival

3.00-4.00pm – Paper Presentations in the Grove Dance Theatre (G190)
   Anna Martine Whitehead - Notes on Territory and the Queer Femme Fugitive in the World: A performance lecture and installation addressing containment architectures and freedom, bodies and space in a fugitive experience.

     Danny Tokay Reid - Queering Museum Space: performing Bodies for Inclusion and Diversity. Drawing upon how heritage organisations are working towards queering their organisations.

                        Sam Causer - Queer Conservation: Exploring how a queer approach to conservation can recognise and celebrate this fluid and temporal dialogue between movement, behaviour and architecture.

4.00-4.15pm – Break (drinks and snacks available to purchase from catering outlet in the Grove Atrium)

4.15-5.15pm – Workshop C – Pioneer Winter - Grove Dance Theatre (G190)
                        …. Werqshop: Task based exercises, phrase work, current repertory and discussions.

6.30-7.30pm – Optional Social event - Queer History Walking Tour
            Meet outside Tottenham Court Road Underground Station at 6.30pm
We are then going to take a walk down through Covent Garden, Soho, Trafalgar Square and down to the embankment.  
The tour will last approximately 1 hour and will cover about 1.5 miles. 
            Dinner in Soho at 7.30pm (optional)

09.30-10.00am - Arrival and Registration – Grove Atrium

10.00-10.30am - Re-gathering, Reflections : Where are we after yesterday?
(Adesola Akinleye and Helen Kindred)

11.30-12.30pm – Performance Sharing in the Grove Dance Theatre (G190)
              Jac Coxall - Blurred Lines
Focusing on the idea of gender and sexuality, taking people on a journey of movement to challenge their minds and remove that blurred vision.
Marcus White - The Line Up

Pioneer Winter – Gimp Gait (film)
Helen Kindred – espacement - a solo improvisation for camera
Barbara Browning –3 short videos of dances to spoken language between differently gendered bodies.
12.30-1.15pm – Lunch in the Grove Atrium

1.15-2pm – Workshop D – Nicolette Wilson-Clarke – Studio 1 (G271)
                           Exploring the Felt Sense- Somatic movement workshop
             -  Workshop E – Stephanie Scheubeck and Matt Cleary Grove Dance Theatre (G190)
Queering Synaesthesia - focussing on perception and diversity
what happens when synaesthesia and queer meet?

*please sign up for the workshop of your choice at registration on arrival

2.00-2.45pm – Queering the Conference!
All – Open space to offer, respond, say what you want to be heard, re-think the space etc

2.45-3.30pm - Artists in conversation: Grove Dance Theatre (G190)
Amber Oretego-Perez – Queer Be-Longing; How the act of belonging in an intimate same-sex relationship is simultaneously an act of alienation.
Niurca Marquez –Dancing my otherness or sin permiso me agarro aqui; Focuses on collage as a method for research creation in works that deal with the body and somatic identities

3.30-3.40pm – Break

3.40-4.30pm – Workshop E - Cristina Fernandez-Rosa - Grove Dance Theatre (G190)
                        Queering Somatic: the Afro-Brazillian Way!

4.30-5.00pm – Closing Reflections - Dr Thomas F. DeFrantz - Grove Dance Theatre (G190)


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