Saturday, 16 December 2017

Call for Contributions!!

Narrating the Somatic:
Gathering voices, sharing practices Symposium
24th February 2018,
Hendon Campus, London, UK

The call for contributions is now open for Narrating the Somatic: Gathering voices, sharing practices symposium 24th February 2018. As scholars-artists and practitioners of dance and somatic studies we understand that the embodied experience underpins meaning making, but how is this bodily understanding captured, shared, and stories articulated as knowledge without disrupting its felt origins. Why is it important to share and communicate embodied knowing? How are choreographic processes and other explorations in movement a methodology for understanding our personal, historical, cultural narratives?

The symposium will explore how we tell the tales of our embodied experiences and share our practices…narrating the somatic. The Symposium will bring together existing published academics, visual documentaries of movement (photography/film), and movers and choreographers practicing professionally in the field. The event also links to a call for papers for an up-coming special issue of the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices that Adesola Akinleye & Helen Kindred will be guest editing.

Call for contributions:
Submissions could respond to:
-       Capturing and narrating embodied practices
-       Practice as research / Choreography as methodology
-       How text/image/film about somatic practices relates to the physicality of the practice
-       Professional Practices in Dance and their documentation
-       Initiatives or innovations communicating embodied experience within arts practices
-       Biography and Auto-biography as a mode of documentation for arts work

Session formats:
Presenters can give spoken presentations (papers) [15-20 minutes] and /or practical presentations (workshops) [45 minutes] and /or short performance works [10-15mins]


Review criteria:

Each proposal is subjected to peer review considering:
·      clarity of the proposal;
·      originality/innovation of the mode of presentation of the idea/approach;
·      anticipated interest
Those interested in making a contribution to the day should complete the following details and submit by Jan 3rd 2018 to Adesola Akinleye and
Helen Kindred Successful applicants will be notified by 12th January 2018 or before. Proposals from successful applications will be put on a symposium web-page prior to the event. These will include the abstract, keywords, outline, plus any references deemed appropriate.


 Call for Contributions: proposal format

Narrating the Somatic: Gathering voices, sharing practices

One day symposium

24th February 2018,

Lead contact and email:

Title of proposal:


                        ¨ Workshop (45 mins)

                        ¨ Paper (20 mins)

                        ¨ Performance (10-15 mins)


Short abstract: (maximum of 50 words)

Please provide details of the focus you will be presenting in your session.

Outline: (maximum 400 words)

Please specify the details of your session and how it links to the overall theme of the Symposium

Key words: (optional)

Add keywords which help to define the session content (for use on the conference website).

IT or audio-visual requirements:

Computer, data-projectors and internet access will be provided as standard. If you have any other IT or audio-visual requirements please specify. For performances lighting and tech support should be kept to a minimal. (Performance worked will have tech time during the day of the symposium)

I give consent to be filmed and photographed for documentation purposes?



Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Narrating the Somatic...


Narrating the Somatic: gathering voices, sharing practice 2018
is a one-day symposium will bring together artists, practitioners, researchers moving within the fields of dance, narrative, and somatic practices. 

The symposium is aligned with the forthcoming special issue of the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices (Intellect Publishing) 2019, which Adesola and Helen have been asked to co-edit. This invitation to produce a special issue volume for the journal came as a result of the Wright-ing the Somatic: Dancing and Writing Professional Practice Symposium held at Mdx in August 2016, you can watch the short film we made of this below, and the 2nd somatics symposium planned for 2018 offers the possibility of extending conversations, developing practice and galvanizing the voices of artist/practitioners to contribute to the journal.

Wright-ing the Somatic Symposium August 2016:

Narrating the Somatic: gathering voices, sharing practice symposium 
will take place on 
at Middlesex University London.

Look out for the Call for Contributions soon and we very much hope you can join us in February as we reach out to extend our community to gather new voices and tell our stories...

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