Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Queering the Somatic: Interrupting the Narrative symposium 2019

Our third somatic-inquiring symposium takes place in less than two weeks!

Queering the Somatic: Interrupting the Narrative Symposium  
1st and 2nd  November 2019

The symposium aims to look at how we might re-imagine, re-educate, re-think, reveal and allow us to re-create a world without the limits of binaries that reflect the somatic experience of Being in the world.

Queering the Somatic is the third somatic symposium curated by Dr Adesola Akinleye and Helen Kindred, following  

Wright-ing the Somatic (2016)


Narrating the Somatic (2018)

Dance can be seen as a critical way of being in the world. For us dance emphasises the felt over the ‘named’, dispelling binaries and challenging Western constructs of the passive body. Queer theory is a field of critical thinking emerging in the early 1990’s drawing on feminism and queer studies to challenge social constructs and identities. Moving beyond the social constructs of the body both dance and queer theory offer a fluidity for narrating the lived experience; narrations that interrupt dominant stories of identity and how we move through the world.

Queering the somatic offers opportunities to explore, challenge and celebrate the act of dispelling binaries: mind-body, male-female, subject-object.

We hope; ‘Let’s imagine together we have all the money in the world and let’s let go of black and white, gay and straight, theory and practice and that all the gatekeepers have flung the doors open. Let’s focus on the arts, the practice and sharing. Understanding the world for a moment through someone else’s eyes’ (Akinleye, A. 2018)

We hope you will join us in movement and (re)thinking ...

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