Sunday, 15 April 2018

Summer Lab.

We'll soon be able to share with you images and film from the Narrating the Somatic symposium held in February...

In the meantime, we wanted to let you know about our Dancing & Writing Summer Lab. coming up in London this August.

We are holding our annual Summer Intensive for the 4th year this August...It offers a great transition between modules, and a chance to come together and move, share, discuss and write as a group on our London campus.  Accomodation is offered on campus for around £20 per night, so a great way to spend a week in London, fueling yourself artistically, creatively, academically. The campus facilities, access to the library, studios etc are fully open and available to you for this week as well as the sessions we run daily from 9.30am to around 3pm. Last year we also took a trip to the British Library and the Tate Modern... there's plenty of inspiration around!

The week runs Aug 13-17th, 2018
Cost (for students) £250 / (full/funded) £350

For more information and Booking:

It would be great to come together and move then!!

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